Conversation Club I


For students that have successfully completed Beginner 2 (or equivalent). To enroll in this course students should know verb to be and to have, articles, nouns, adjectives, prepositions, conjugation of regular verbs ending in -are, -ere, -ire, partitives and the conjugation of irregular verbs ending in -are.

The following book is required. Students must purchase this book before the first day of class. A CD, exercises and activities will come with the book.

Title: La ricetta segreta

Author: Cinzia Medaglia

Editor: CIDEB

Book synopsis: Fabrizio is a successful man; he is a director in a big company, with a beautiful wife, adorable children and a very close friend, Bruno, who is equally lucky and has a good career and with whom Fabrizio shares fun days and wonderful memories. But one day Bruno’s unexpected disappearance breaks the spell of Fabrizio’s happy existence. Did Bruno really commit suicide, as the police sustain? Some really surprising discoveries mean that Fabrizio has to admit that he really doesn’t know his best friend at all.

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