La grammatica vien leggendo!


The class “La grammatica vien leggendo!” consists of 11 units, each one dedicated to a modern writer: Paolo Mauresing, Luciano De Crescenzo, Leonardo Sciascia, Tiziano Terzani, Italo Calvino, Andrea Camilleri, Antonio Tabucchi, Carlo Fruttero and Franco Lucentini. This allows us to have a glimpse on italian literature. We will use didactically the literally test to offer the student a sample of the expressive variety, the complexity and the vitality of the language. In addition, thanks to various activities, the student will exercise the receptive and productive abilities, both written and oral. Starting from the literature text, the class aims at: Accompanying the student in the discovery of the Italian language, in its meta-linguistic and socio-cultural aspects; offering a large variety of resources for personal expression; stimulating the pleasure of reading  For intermediate II students.

Book required: “La Grammatica vien leggendo” Ed. Edilingua available for purchase on


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