Italian For Children


We teach children Italian as they would learn it while growing up in Italy: by hearing it. They play games, listen to stories, do crafts, and sing songs. As they participate in these pleasant activities, the children develop vocabulary and their conversation skills.

We offer 4 different groups of age:

  • Parent & me for children 2-4 years old
  • Introductory IFL A1 for children in Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten
  • IFL A1 for children 1st-5th grade
  • IFL A1 for children 6th – 8th grade

PARENT & ME (2-4 years old)

Did you know that learning a second language at an early age develops the intellectual potential of our brain? Take your toddler to a fun filled class of movement and song at ICC and introduce your child early to the sounds of the Italian language. During the pre-school years, children take in sounds and language as they move around or simply stay in their mother’s arms. They can effortlessly develop perfect pronunciation without any accent all while playing and having fun. Caregivers can learn right along with the children!

This is not a drop off class; parents or caregivers must stay and are an important part of the learning process.

IFL (Italian as a foreign language)

This class is specifically designed for children who are totally new to Italian language and focuses on Italian language acquisition and communication. Classes at IAASD are instructed with a communicative language teaching approach; therefore the focus is entirely on real conversations about real subjects. That way communication is the engine of learning. Our classroom activities include role-play, interviews, games, pair-work, information gap and TPR (Total Physical Response).

Our lessons are usually topic or theme based with the target grammar “hidden” in the context. Our learners are encouraged to speak by using language functions related to the specific situation. The use of authentic texts, songs and games provide a natural environment to promote language and enhance correct pronunciation.

Furthermore to be competent and proficient as a communicative speaker, the learner should apply the appropriate social language. This is why at IAASD we believe that it is crucial to expose our learners to the Italian culture, traditions, art, cuisine, and also gestures and expressions.
We make the difference by communicating with our children!

To learn more about schedule and tuition and to register please contact the Italian American Academy of San Diego at or call 619-537-9977.