Angela Ruscigno

Board Secretary

Angela is a long time Real Estate Broker and Certified Escrow Officer. She has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a Minor in Economics. 
Her grandfather was born in Tricarico, in the region of Matera in Italy. Angela joined the Italian Cultural Center in 2012 to brush up on her rusty Italian in the hopes of being able to communicate with her family for the 3 week trip. It was a success!  The family harvests olives and bottles olio d’oliva under the family name, as well as several, natural, olive oil based beauty products like soap and lotion. 
Angela serves on several Boards, including the San Diego Escrow Association, the California Escrow Association, the American Escrow Association, as well as ICC and two condo association boards. 
She is very interested in serving her communities. 

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