Conversation Italian

Language level: For students with a good command of the language. Please take a look at each class description below.

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Monday, 10:00am

Monday, 5:50pm

Wednesday, 6:30pm -> Class Canceled ❌

Conversation Italian


Current Enrollment: 69



Monday morning class description:
in this class students will read catchy articles or short pieces of Italian Literature and will be engaged in a plenary discussion. This is the right approach to test your confidence with spoken Italian and learn something about culture and traditions of our Country.
Suggested Level: Intermediate/Up-Intermediate.
Materials provided.

Monday evening class description:
in viaggio per l’Italia, stare bene, andiamo all’opera, tempo libero e tecnologia, l’arte, la società, mass media, che bello mangiare!, il cinema.
Suggested Level: Up-Intermediate 305.
Materiale fornito.

Wednesday evening class description:
the class will actually be an hybrid between advanced grammar and advanced conversation class. The conversations will revolve around current events extracted from Italian newspapers. We will also make use of excerpts of Italian literature to extrapolate and analyze syntactic and grammar concepts.
Suggested Level: Intermediate 302.
Materials provided, no book is required.

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