Pre-Advanced 401 (B2)

Language level: Pre-Advanced (capitoli da 1 a 3)

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Monday, 10:00am -> Class Canceled ❌

Pre-Advanced 401


Required book: Nuovo Espresso 4

Author/s: Authors: Maria Balì, Irene Dei


This course is designed for students who have an established high intermediate knowledge of Italian.
During this course, students will build on vocabulary and deepen their knowledge of: verbi con doppio ausiliare al passato prossimo, pronomi relativi doppi Chi, Ciò che, futuro anteriore, congiuntivo con gli indefiniti, “si” passivante, verbi con preposizioni, discorso indiretto e frasi interrogative indirette, along with other grammatical structures.
At the end of the course, students should be able to: express agreement or disagreement, talk about personal preferences on food, report past events or information.

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