Pre-Advanced 403 (B2)

Language level: Pre-Advanced (capitoli da 7 a 10)

Class taught by:

Tuesday, 05:50pm -> Class Canceled ❌

Wednesday, 10:00am -> Class Canceled ❌

Pre-Advanced 403


Required book: Nuovo Espresso 4

Author/s: Authors: Maria Balì, Irene Dei


This course is designed for students who have an established high intermediate knowledge of Italian.
During this course, students will build on vocabulary and deepen their knowledge of the use of:
concordanza dei tempi al congiuntivo, infinito usato come sostantivo, diversi usi del futuro, gerundio presente e passato, espressioni con verbi pronominali, congiuntivo con le frasi comparative, congiuntivo con alcune espressioni consecutive, forme colloquiali (prendersela, darci giù, ecc).
At the end of the course, students should be able to express doubts and hesitation, talk about environmental issues, use the right expressions for clarifying, congratulate people.

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