Pre-Intermediate 201 (A2)

Language level: Functional (capitoli da 10 a 12)

Class taught by:

Tuesday, 7:30pm (*in-person class) Encinitas

Pre-Intermediate 201


Required book: New Italian Espresso - Beginner and Pre-Intermediate (updated edition)

Author/s: Gruppo Italiaidea


This course is designed for students with a high beginning level of Italian. It builds on the foundations laid in previous Beginner levels, introducing vocabulary and grammatical structures that allow students to engage in more refined communication.

In this course, students will learn to talk about eating habits, indicate quantities, talk and ask about future events, and express opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of technology.
Grammar structures will include direct pronouns, future tense, imperfetto, and passato prossimo vs imperfetto.

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