Advanced 503 (C1)

Language level: High Proficiency (capitoli da 7 a 10)

Class taught by:

Wednesday, 11:45am -> Class Canceled ❌

Advanced 503


Required book: Nuovo Espresso 5

Author/s: Giorgio Massei, Rosella Bellagamba


This course is designed for students who have an established pre-advanced knowledge of Italian.
During this course, students will build on vocabulary and deepen their knowledge of the use of:
infinito presente e passato, gerundio assoluto (presente e passato), infinito retto dalle preposizioni Da e Per, periodo ipotetico con ipotesi in forma implicita, connettivi ipotetici, Non pleonastico, verbi pronominali, imperativo nel discorso indiretto.
At the end of the course, students should be able to: expand their knowledge of idiomatic expressions, talk and describe different musical genres, use the proper vocabulary to analyze statistics, recognize neologisms.

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