Beginner Italian I

Language level: Absolute beginner

Class taught by:

Tuesday, 07:30pm (*in-person class) Encinitas

Wednesday, 05:50pm

Beginner Italian I


Current Enrollment: 57

The student can recognize familiar words and very basic statements concerning him/herself, the family and immediate concrete surroundings. He /she can use single phrases and sentences in areas of immediate need, can write a short postcard, fill in a form with personal details, can ask and answer simple questions. (Lo studente può riconoscere parole familiari e frasi molto semplici su se stesso, la famiglia o il contesto che lo circonda. Inoltre può utilizzare frasi di base per i bisogni concreti; può scrivere una cartolina postale, riempire un modulo con le proprie informazioni personali, porre e rispondere a domande semplici)


Required book: CIAO! 8th Edition

Author/s: Carla Larese Riga, Irene Bubula-Phillips


Goal: This course gives students the basic tools needed to successfully understand and communicate in Italian. At the completion of this course students should be able to greet others, introduce themselves, talk about themselves and others, and describe people, things, and places.

Grammar: Pronunciation, subject pronouns, c’è (there is) and ci sono (there are), indicative present tense of essere (to be), avere (tohave), articles, gender and plural of nouns, numbers 0-49.

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