Beginner 102 (A1)

Language level: Elementary (capitoli da 4 a 6)

Class taught by:

Tuesday, 05:50pm -> Class Canceled ❌

Wednesday, 07:30pm (*in-person class) Encinitas

Saturday 8:50am

Beginner 102


Current Enrollment: 51

Required book: New Italian Espresso - Beginner and Pre-Intermediate (updated edition)

Author/s: Gruppo Italiaidea


This course is designed for students with a low-level beginning knowledge of Italian. Students will continue building foundations in four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Special emphasis is placed on oral communication, acquisition of new vocabulary, and mastery of basic grammatical structures.

In this course, students will learn to talk about free time and leisure activities, people’s interests and occupations, expressing one’s likes and dislikes, following and giving street directions, and asking for information about accommodations.
Grammar structures will deepen students’ familiarity with present tense focusing on irregular and modal verbs, and simple and compound prepositions.

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