Pre-Advanced 402 (B2)

Language level: Pre-Advanced (capitoli da 4 a 6)

Pre-Advanced 402


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Required book: Nuovo Espresso 4

Author/s: Authors: Maria Balì, Irene Dei


This course is designed for students who have an established high intermediate knowledge of Italian.
During this course, students will build on vocabulary and deepen their knowledge of the use of: uso del congiuntivo nelle frasi relative, uso del congiuntivo con il superlativo relativo, gerundio con funzione causale e ipotetica, concordanza dei tempi: il condizionale con il congiuntivo, i nomi delle professioni al maschile e al femminile, periodo ipotetico del terzo tipo (irrealtĂ ).
The goal of this course is to get our students to be able to: talk about themselves and their emotions, talk about personal preferences on movies, describe situations with a more accurate range of details.

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