Intermediate 301 (B1)

Language level: Intermediate (capitoli da 1 a 3)

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Monday, 05:50pm

Intermediate 301


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Required book: New Italian Espresso - Intermediate and advanced

Author/s: Maria Balì, Luciana Ziglio, Giovanna Rizzo


This course is designed for students who have an established mid to high intermediate knowledge of Italian. This course will start with a review of the important grammatical structures and principals covered in Italian 201 and 202.

During this course, students will build on vocabulary and deepen their knowledge of:
the imperativo, sapere e conoscere, volere, servire, metterci, bisogna, pronomi relativi, volerci, comparativo e superlativo di buono e bene, and periodo ipotetico along with other grammatical structures.
At the end of the course, we hope to build a student’s knowledge to be able to: share events in the past, express surprise and pleasure state, describe and advise about healt problems, understand job advertisements, CVs and talk about job.

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